Therapy and coaching sessions in English

Therapy and coaching sessions in English


Welcome to the website of my private psychotherapy and coaching practice in Munich (Solln)!

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As an interpreter (for French and Spanish) and a qualified alternative practitioner in psychotherapy and coach, I also work with English-speaking patients: children, adolescents and adults who want to improve their quality of life.

I can help you to overcome psychological difficulties of all kinds: blockages, depression, fears, anxiety, phobias, trauma, negative beliefs, personal crises, professional or personal problems and conflicts, etc.

It’s often very difficult to do in-depth work on yourself on your own and make the changes you need to feel good. Deciding to consult a coach or psychotherapist often requires a great deal of courage, especially if you don’t speak the language of the country where you currently live.

My international career has enabled me to learn several languages. So I can offer you coaching or psychotherapy sessions in your own language.

My aim is to help my patients face their callenges and find effective, rapid and lasting answers and solutions.

I offer online, face-to-face consultations or sessions by phone.

As an alternative practicioner in the area of psychotherapy and coach, I am bound by professional secrecy and respect the duty of discretion.


Duration/frequency of therapy or coaching

You can agree with me the length and frequency of your psychotherapy or coaching sessions, according to your personal needs and individual resources.




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